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How to Get a Mac for Under $1000

Macs are expensive compared to other alternatives, but a lot of people still want them. They are great products that seem to work well, and seem to have this ability to draw you into them right when you use them for the first time, and before you know it you’ve been in an Apple store for an entire hour trying out one of the machines. They are pretty nice, but is it possible to get one for $1000? Yes, it is. Here are your options:

Buy used

You can often find pretty decent deals on used hardware. Sometimes it can be harder to find good used computers simply because of how fast things change, but if you look around you can find great deals. I was able to get a bit older Intel Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro with 4GBs of RAM and a 1TB hard drive for a relatively low price from a friend. eBay is also a safe place to look as long as you buy from a seller that is eligible for buyer protection, and they offer returns and have good feedback. I’ll be doing a post sometime soon on buying smart on eBay. You can also look around various forums you may be a part of. Sometimes colleges will even sell used computers which may include macs. If you’re willing to use something that’s been used before, this will probably save you the most money.

Buy refurbished

Refurbished Macs are still used Macs, but they are higher quality than just straight used. They have been cleaned up and any hardware that needed to be replaced has been replaced. Often if it’s a laptop the battery will get replaced. Refurbished Macs are generally in good-as-new condition but may very depending on where you get yours. You can either do a Google search for refurbished Macs or check out the Apple Refurbished store which carries all kinds of refurbished Apple gear including Macs.

Buy an older model

This may not seem appealing to all of you, but for some it may be. There are sites such as Amazon where you can actually find brand new older version macs. If it will do everything you need it to do, then it might be a good option. My Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro runs great, but video rendering is a bit slow due to the low video RAM. Analyze your needs and see if an older model might work, but don’t go too old!

Good luck on finding a Mac that will work for you. Don’t think you must have a Mac. If you can’t afford it then don’t buy it. Spending money you don’t have is never a good idea. Financing may look like a good option but with interest in only ends up costing you more, and you can never fully predict if you will be able to pay it off or not. You never know when something could happen. If you do have the cash then have at it!

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  • Todd

    good info.. will share with a few contacts… 

  • Liz Pullen

    Helpful information! ; )

  • Gerrit Bes

    Thanks for Sharing this Paul :)

  • SegamanXero

    Apple has a good refurb policy, so I would trust refurb from there… I have debated getting a mac from apples refurbished store online…

  • Nick

    I would go with refurbished.

  • Anne Thomas

    I would trust Apple refurb..

    • Anonymous

      Me too. Might get a refurb iPad

    • Rick Fernandez

      my last two laptops and 3 desktops have all been refurbished. never had a problem. usually can save $200-$400 depending on model.

  • ™Andy Reeley

    tweeted :-) 

  • Ralph Janke

    Not really interested in a Mac, or any Apple products. As an Open Source enthusiast, I am not very happy about Apple’s stands on IP and their participation in patent wars. However, on the innovative site, I believe we can learn a lot from Apple.

  • Jason Flaugh

    I can join other cults for less than $1K, but thank you for the information; just in case I change my mind ;-). I agree with Ralph

  • Emily Veinglory

    Sounds a bit like how I got a Toshiba for under $200

  • Dana J Lange

    Interesting.  I don’t have a Mac because of the price.  Perhaps one of your suggestions will push me over the edge.

  • Kchamp2691

    Yep a used mac is better than a new pc, totally

  • Steven

    I was in the market for a Mac Pro – and my co-worker showed me this site,  He ordered this one a few months ago, and has had no issues.  I am almost Windows free, except for my ham radio software, which only runs a Windows with an older serial port.

  • Jbo

    This article gave no actual informative tips on finding a used/refurbished mac for under $1,000. You got yours from a friend and your advice is to google it. Sheesh.

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