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Facebook’s Edit Comment Feature is Old News, and It’s Still Broken

Did you hear about the new ability to edit comments on Facebook? Turns out, it’s not so new.

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Enjoying the ability to now edit comments on Facebook? If you didn’t already know it, that feature has been around for at-least a year, they just never advertised it. Facebook has tons of stuff that they haven’t really made a big deal about until now, since they are public. It’s definitely helping their stock price.

The ability to edit your comment is a nice feature. Google+ saw that people wanted to do this, and gave the feature from the start. Facebook has had an edit feature sort of hidden for a year now though. In some cases (and it was very random at times) if you clicked the delete button on your comment before anyone else commented, it would give you the ability to edit your comment. This was only once in a while. Now they have an actual button, but it shows the edits that you have made which is completely pointless in my opinion and makes the feature a bit broken. People make typing errors and then don’t notice them until they have posted the comment, this is why the edit feature comes in handy.

Another sort of new feature you may have noticed on Facebook is emoticons in chat. Facebook has always had their own set of emoticons, and various sites had the lists posted for the key combinations to use them. Now almost all of the Facebook emoticons are in that list. There are a few that they left out. Just click the smiley in the lower right hand corner of any chat window. I’m not sure if any of the Facebook Messenger apps either for desktop, Android, or iPhone have this yet.

It will be interesting to see what other features Facebook brings out of the dust as they continue to move along as a public company.

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