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5 Easy Tips for Winning a YouTube Giveaway

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YouTube giveaways happen quite often, I see them all the time in the tech industry with channels giving away popular tech items. Giveaways happen for various reasons. Usually it’s either because someone wants to gain more subscribers, or they just want to give back to the community they already have. Whatever it may be, giveaways are a good chance to get something free. If you enter in enough giveaways, eventually you are probably going to win something. Don’t get your hopes down just because you continue to not win. If you enter enough giveaways, there’s a chance you will win one eventually. Of course, winning a giveaway (especially on YouTube) is usually all about luck, but there are things you can do to increase your chances of winning.

Is it fake?
With every great giveaway comes one that really has no prize. Unfortunately there are cases from time to time on YouTube where someone will start a giveaway and either never announce a winner, or simply never send the item to the winner announced. I’ve never experienced it and while it’s not too often that it does happen, it still does. It’s pretty easy to tell if the giveaway is fake or not. First of all, if the product has no original packaging that already means it has been opened. This means it is either used, or it is even possible that they could have a plastic dummy unit that doesn’t actually work. Chances are someone isn’t going to give away a used device. If it’s a well known person and they used it for a review and now they want to give it away then that’s probably not fake, but if they are simply giving away a used product chances are it might not be legit and you are just wasting your time.

Follow Everything!
If the person holding the giveaway asks you to subscribe to their channel, like their Facebook page, leave a comment, and tweet then you probably want to do this. The person running the giveaway can easily check for all these things, and you don’t want to be the one to win, and then the giveaway host finds out you didn’t do something and ends up picking someone else. If I was giving away a $300 gadget, I would want to make sure the person I was about to pick did everything as well.

Take Every Chance You Get
Read the directions of the YouTube giveaway carefully. A lot of YouTube giveaways I’ve been seeing lately are offering multiple entry chances, usually one entry per day with something such as a comment. Set a daily reminder on your phone’s calendar app until the time the giveaway ends and be sure to do that daily entry! It won’t increase your chances of winning by much especially if its a large giveaway, but it will increase it by some.

Make Sure You Are Easy to Contact
On YouTube, it’s pretty easy to contact a user unless the user trying to be contacted has some funny privacy settings. If the giveaway is something such as a Techno Buffalo giveaway where the entry method is through commenting on a blog post, make sure you log in with a social media account that you can be contacted at. If they can’t contact you, they might pick someone else!

Know That Ending Date!
Sometimes someone doing a giveaway will give the end date, other times they will just say a couple of weeks. If they do give you a date when it will end, be sure to make yourself a reminder on your phone’s calendar so you can come back and check if you have won. If there is no date, just be sure to keep an eye on their channel for new videos, or keep an eye on your email notifications assuming you have YouTube set ot email you ever time you receive a message.

As a Side Note
If you decide you want to run your own giveaway one of the things that annoys me the most is the length of winner announcement videos. It only takes a maximum of 30 seconds to announce a winner, but so often I see announcement videos approaching or even going over 3 minutes.

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  • gennygirl:-)

    This is a very good article, i have followed everything in this article, no luck yet, but i have faith. Thanks

  • karthickks

    thanks but not yet got anything

  • K Hype

    I did everything they told me but still nothing. I feel that the person holding the giveaway would use and someone would get picked

  • Jadine

    Thank you for the article <3 I have just entered several& my fingers are crossed

  • Fifi

    Its great. Tbh most giveaways are done to gain more subscribers. I had this period a few weeks/months ago when I went into a giveaway frenzy. I was desperate to win at least SOMETHING to know its possible. I used a few techniques like entering giveaways with the LEAST amount of entries. Making your comment standout somehow. If the user is using then i put in as many comments i possibly can. Bigger giveaways with more entries usually do but smaller youtubers usually read through the comments so make sure your comment stand out. I entered about 10-12 giveaways and I have won three. I won a $500 gift code to this shopping site called Karmaloop. A six month subscription to this beauty box worth $120 all together and $50 worth of makeup products from three different youtubers. thats $670 worth of stuff. Also don’t forget to comment on other videos by the youtuber just to make sure they know you. Good luck girls.

  • SarBear

    I have only won one giveaway so far, it was with cheapish stuff with not many people subscribed to this channel but i won. I just commented lots of times and ended up getting the last prize. My tip is when the contest is near end and you have to post only one comment or picture or video, do it around the end of the giveaway. I think you will most likely be picked then. I’m entering 2 giveaways but they have many subscribers.

  • Ren

    Great article! There is this well known youtuber who does fashion and makeup videos and she had a giveaway. She didn’t post the date of when it would end and none of her later videos said anything about it. It’s almost like she forgot about her giveaway. It will be almost 3 months since she posted the video. How long could a giveaway go on for?

  • Sam Adeyinka

    Hey Paul, it’s good to be here on your great blog.

    Since I’m looking for ways to make money and my friend, Piyush advised I joined giveaways. I decided to search for how to win before I jumped into entering giveaways.

    This article was and is really helpful, I will bookmark to check what next too do every time I join any giveaways. Won one lately but I didn’t like it so I didn’t respond to the mail.

    Thanks for this great share friend! :)


  • vverleen

    I entered a giveaway and won, but its been over 4 months and I still haven’t received the prize. I messaged the girl but so fat I’ve gotten no response. :( I’m so bummed.

  • loyal blog fan!!

    when you say you are usually blowing yourself up, do you mean you are usually sucking your own cock? That would be some news to post on your blog. looking forward to the answer, your community wants to know!

  • Disney Infinity Forever!

    See, this guy wanted 30 subscribers, and he said he’d give something to the 30th one, and that was me. But, afterwards he put up a video saying someone else won. Nlw, what do I do?

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