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SEO is Real: How to Master SEO in WordPress 2013

SEO in WordPressLet’s face it, even if you are as popular as Justin Bieber and you have a blog, there is no way that 100% of your traffic is going to be direct, or be enough to make your blog really seem successful. I used to think SEO was just a load of crap and wouldn’t do anything for me, until I had an experience with SEO. One of my blog posts was ranking #1 on Google, out of millions of results. That right there, is when I saw for myself the magic of SEO. I then discovered that my web host – HostGator included free SEO tools that were actually pretty powerful and got my blog even more on the map than it already was. However, that wasn’t enough, I needed to find a good tool for SEO in WordPress to help me manage my SEO and get the best possible ranking.

SEO in WordPress Plugins

Originally I was using All in One SEO Pack. The interface was pretty basic, but at the time was better than not having SEO at all, and I thought it would work out pretty well for me. There was a spot to enter a Title, description, and keywords. It worked out pretty well for me at the time, except for having to come up with different keywords and phrases that I thought were relevent and would be effective.

Because WordPress and the WordPress plug-ins are open source and anyone can create a plugin, it’s very easy for a new kid on the block, and that’s exactly what happened with my SEO plugin. I discovered a plugin called Yoast, and I will never go back to anything else now (for now). Yoast has a SEO plugin for WordPress that is better than anything else I have ever used, and it’s completely beginner friendly. It rates the SEO of each blog post you right, and provides a full analysis to let you know of every single thing you can do to get your SEO score as high as possible. Also, it allows for different descriptions for Facebook and Google+, if you so desire. You also don’t have to come up with a bunch of keywords, instead you set one Focus Keyword phrase.

SEO in WordPress is real, and if you want to go anywhere with your blog, you need to get Yoast. Also, you should check to see if your host has any free SEO tools. If not, you might consider Hostgator. You can get 25% off your entire order by using the coupon code pstech250ff. Of course, you could ignore everything I say and not do SEO in WordPress, however unless you are just blogging to let the servers listen to what you have to say, then you should be trying out SEO, it’s a lot less work than you would think, and totally worth it.

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