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Get Amazon Affiliates in Banned States

Success ButtonBack in 2011, Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois signed a law into effect that required purchases made through affiliate links to charge sales tax. A similar law was also passed in Colorado and California. Because of this, Amazon decided to cancel the affiliate program in these states to avoid having to charge a sales tax site wide. Whether or not this is fair, it certainly wasn’t fair for me. Amazon Affiliates was a really good way for me to get into affiliate marking since everyone shops on Amazon, and all of a sudden this small but growing income stream was taken away from me, and many other Amazon Associates.

Thanks to a blog post from Kyle Marvin, hope may be restored. There is a service called Viglink which is essentially a large single Amazon Affiliate. You set up an account with them, install some code on your site (in the case of WordPress, a plugin) and then every Amazon link you post on your blog is automatically converted into an affilate link, and every time someone clicks and buys, you’ll get a percentage of the sale. Better yet, Viglink supports 30,000 other retailers.

I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m pretty excited about it. I’ll sign up and be giving it a full review within a week.

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    very interested in this.. arkansas is one of the sucky non-amazon states! :)

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    It’s a fairly wide range, and from what this expansion could be possible to make everything better relate.

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